Tunja Crossbody Bag
Tunja Crossbody Bag
Tunja Crossbody Bag

Tunja Crossbody Bag

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In The Andes region, artisans hand-weave textiles utilizing ancestral techniques that have been in their families over time. The "Telar Horizontal de Doble Pedal" is the technique that unifies the entire Andean culture that crosses Colombia. The well-meditated selection of colors, patterns, and styles incorporate flora, fauna, and culture into every detail of this masterpiece. These ancestral techniques are combined with leather for a more elevated and fashionable look. 

The perfect handbag for any occasion! A one-of-a-kind piece that will complement your attire. This bag brings back to life ancestral techniques passed down from generation to generation while highlighting them through a modern look.  It is completely hand-woven, which can be appreciated in every detail.

Adjustable strap

External pocket with zipper

Clasp closure


Leather and Double Pedal Horizontal Guanga Textile  

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