Planta Amor Art Frame gold
Planta Amor Art Frame gold

Planta Amor Art Frame gold

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The perfect piece to complete your home, office, airbnb, or any other space where you want a homey and unique vibe filled with positivity, motivation, and inspiration. This painting has a beautifully colorful background that will match any room and good energy. It is upscaled with a pinewood frame that contains a stamped glass with the perfect quote in Spanish: "Planta amor". In English, "Sow love.". This motivating quote presented in the most sophisticated and artsy manner will inspire anyone that encounters this piece on a daily basis. Irradiate your day and others' with positivity and inspiration while decorating your surroundings in the most unique way. 


Height: 15 in

Width: 9.5 in

Depth: 1.5 in



Pine wood frame with sophisticated glass. 


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